Considering environmental concern a complete framework of Milan Metal Scrap & Used Batteries TR LLC activity, we also deal in Non-Ferrous metal scrap as well. Recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap in to commodity grade material is beneficial both for relevant industries and the environment because manufacturing processes from recyclable non-ferrous metal scrap have lower carbon dioxide emissions and consume less  non-renewable natural resources. Due to an extensive demand of non-ferrous metal scrap in recycling industry around the world our supply of these non-ferrous metals to our clients is promising and is of high quality.

Following are the Non-Ferrous metal scrap that we deal in:


Cast Aluminum

Aluminum Scrap Extrusion

Aluminum Scrap


Heavy Copper

Copper Wire

Millburry Copper


Brass Pallu

Brass Turning

Brass Honey


Lithium-Ion BatteryLead Acid BatteryNickel-Cadmium Battery


Lead IngotAluminum Ingot